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HyperX Arena Las Vegas
August 11, 2022  |  12 PM–10 PM PT

Ready to take a gamble in Vegas?

Win cash & prizes!*


*Cash prizes based on the number of teams competing awarded as donations to the team charity of choice.

What It's

All About

  • Each registered team plays for their chosen charity.
  • Teams compete in a King-of-the-Hill-style competition on the SimSpace platform (3 teams per 2-hour session).
  • The top three teams play in a final competition to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cash awards for their charity.
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Join us at the HyperX Arena Las Vegas!

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  Online streaming and shout casters
  Theater seating and SWAG
  VIP access and lounge
  Opportunity to purchase drinks for charity fundraising
  10-minute walk, indoors, from Black Hat Conference
  Great networking & recruiting opportunities
  All day business suites available for sponsorship

Register to


As a member of the audience, you have a front-row seat to watch the teams compete in a king-of-hill competition and cheer on your favorites. All for FREE.

Audience members receive:

  Access to the arena where all of the action is taking place

  Opportunity to cheer on your favorite charity team

  Opportunity to purchase drinks to help raise money for your team's charity

  Incredible networking with other attendees

Can't attend in person? Attend online!
VIP Sky Lounge

Upgrade to a VIP PASS

  Watch and cheer on your favorite charity team from the exclusive VIP Sky Lounge.

  Receive two (2) drink tickets to help support your team. 

  Receive a Global Cyber Games Charity Battle jersey as a thank you.


Who Will Become

King of the Hill?

This King-of-the-Hill game, provided by SimSpace, is designed to equally test attack and defend skills of each team.

Teams are scored based on their responses to the threats. Possible scoring metrics include, but are not limited to:

 Detection of IoCs or artifacts
 Mitigation of vulnerabilities
  Intrusion response
 Restoration of service
 Restoration of device
 Removal of artifacts



WHO should become a sponsor/partner?

  • Organizations and businesses wanting to have a presence in Las Vegas for meetings and demos
  • Organizations and businesses supporting the cybersecurity community
  • Esports companies looking to expand into cybersecurity games
  • Higher Ed institutions wanting to attract students to their cybersecurity programs
  • Training and recruiting firms looking to market their brand and platform

WHY you should become a sponsor/partner:

  • Make an impact on the community with this event designed to be fun, educational, and help charity awareness and funding
  • Recruit top talent interested in cyber games and skills
  • Gain brand awareness through promotion and speaking opportunities
  • Take part in an IN-PERSON and ONLINE event the same week as Black Hat and DEFCON

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