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PlayCyber fuses esports, athletics and cybersecurity to inspire, grow and upskill the global cyber workforce.

Our Family of Brands

Cyber eSports for the Cyber Workforce


PlayCyber organizes multiplayer, competitive, cybersecurity gaming that provides a spectator experience similar to watching a professional sporting event.

This helps:

  • Demystify cyber for everyone
  • Engage & prepare students for cyber careers
  • Upskill and diversify our global workforce

We do this in collaboration with the community. We focus on the players, fans and sponsors and we remain game and training agnostic.

Nelson Mandela

“Sport has the power to change the world.
It has the power to unite in a way that little else does.
It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination.”

Where eSports Meets Cyber

We are building a community of cybersecurity gamers, athletes and spectators by producing fun experiences that inspire, educate and upskill to create a stronger and more diverse cybersecurity marketplace. We partner with platforms, training providers, government, and associations to upskill cyber professionals throughout their careers.
Global Games,
League, & Teams
US Cyber
Games & Team
Exhibits & Games
Global Cyber League
The PlayCyber Global League is a global community of cyber gamers (newbies to pro) that compete and learn through a variety of individual and team games aligned to cyber careers. Global Cyber Games and Wicked6 are signature virtual events that attract thousands to watch and play cyber games.
US Cyber Games
US Cyber Games is a national cybersecurity workforce development program aimed at leveraging cybersecurity competitions and games to inspire and upskill young people ages 15-25. Similar to a travelling eSports team, the US Cyber Games program recruits top talent from across the country to represent the US on a traveling cyber team that competes globally.
Customized Exhibits and Games
PlayCyber makes cybersecurity fun. Whether introducing cyber gaming to new communities or injecting fresh energy into established events, we create epic cyber games experiences both virtually and in person. From simple exhibits to live tournaments, our event teams brings educational fun to all skill levels.

A Lifelong for the Games

Whether you are just starting out and looking at a cyber career to having 20 years in a cyber job, cyber games provide a fun, immersive experience that challenges you to learn by applying skills and watching others. But even more, today's games align to tomorrow's jobs and provide a measurable way to demonstrate your dedication and skill level.

Inspiring K-12

  • Discover hidden talents through games
  • Increase awareness of possible career paths
  • Develop teamwork and problem-solving skills

Igniting 18-25

  • Learn skills and add to your resume
  • Identify mentors
  • Engage in broader cybersecurity community
  • Start a successful career

Sharpening 25-35

  • Demonstrate proficiency and maintain certs with badges & CPE credits
  • Find a mentor/mentee
  • Showcase yourself as a speaker or leader
  • Explore new domains and progress in your career

Reinvigorating 35+

  • Have fun while maintaining certs and staying current
  • Explore new domains and career transitions
  • Develop and showcase leadership as a speaker, coach, or board member
  • Recruit and mentor new talent
  • Give back to cyber community through charity events or sponsorships


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Upcoming Events

Previous Streamed Events

Members Only Event

Wicked6 2023
March 30-31, 2023

24-Hour Virtual Global Hack & Chat presented By the PlayCyber Women's Global League. 

Global Cyber Games: No Love Brawl
February 19, 2023

MVP League Vibe Fest
February 17-18, 2023
Chicago, IL (USA)

Global Cyber Games: New Year's Blitz
January 7, 2023

Watch 32 teams of 4 players each face off in an international New Year's BLITZ! Join us for a COMPETITIVE, FAST, and INTENSE battle on the Hack The Box Battlegrounds platform.

Global Cyber Games: Charity Battle
August 11, 2022
Las Vegas, NV (USA) & Virtual