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1st: TEAM USA  4
2nd: TEAM USA  2
4th: TEAM OCEANIA  3 (Australia), TEAM Cntr0llz (Chile),
TEAM Gr1zzly (Mexico) and TEAM bi0s (India)


Start the New Year off with a BLITZ!

Watch 32 teams of 4 players each face off in an international New Year's BLITZ on 7 January 2023!

Join us for a COMPETITIVE, FAST, and INTENSE battle on the Hack The Box Battlegrounds platform.

Teams of athletes from the International Cybersecurity Challenge (ICC) community will come together in a live-stream global event to determine which team will be the Grand Prize Winner!

Our hosts for the live stream include hacking experts IppSec and John Hammond.


The International Cybersecurity Challenge (ICC) encourages students and young professionals to pursue a career in cybersecurity by providing them with an opportunity to compete and collaborate with others in the cybersecurity industry across the globe.

The Global Competitors

2023 GCG - Map of the World-GIF (1)
New Year's
  • 32 teams will face off in a 30-minute qualification round to determine the best 16 teams going to Round 2.

  • During Round 2, 16 teams will go head-to-head for another 30 minutes on a new machine to determine who will be promoted to Round 3! 

  • 8 players, 1 new machine of escalated difficulty, 30 minutes. Only 4 teams will emerge from the Quarterfinals. This is going to be intense!

  • It's the Semifinals. 4 Teams, 1 new machine, and 30 minutes only. We'll be getting down to the wire and the teams will be red HOT!
  • In our Final Round, 2 teams will face off on 1 new machine and 1 machine from a previous round in a 45-minute BLITZ. Cheer on your favorite and let's hope this goes down to the wire.
  • After the Final Round, join the winners for a quick "hotwash" on the live stream.


HTB Hacking Battlegrounds is a gamified approach to attack and defense where players can play one against the other (or in teams of 4 vs 4) at a limited time. Vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and weaknesses usually vary but mainly the focus is on OWASP top10 and the latest CVEs. Each box is vulnerable to multiple vectors and that’s why Battlegrounds are considered good practice/training for purple teamers as players need also to patch the vulnerabilities. Speed is very important thus skills must be combined with accuracy and mindset. Finally, most boxes are easy and players are learning the importance of speed, especially in defense when time is crucial for operations.

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