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Virtual Practice Range

Build up your cybersecurity skills in our online practice range, featuring new monthly challenges.

Practice. Play. Win.

The Perfect Place to Test & Build Your Craft

PlayCyber Global League’s Virtual Practice Range is a jeopardy style CTF with both new and previously utilized challenges that are repurposed for practicing and enhancing your cybersecurity skills.

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//   PWN //   Web   //   & more!   //

Start Playing.

To get started playing in our practice range, register on our CTFD instance, and have fun!

Why CTFs
Challenges of varying difficulties across a wide range of CTF categories make this the perfect place for all from beginners to CTF masters to test and build their craft.

Challenges are provided from various sources and developers throughout the PlayCyber League Community by those who strive to help enhance the next generation of cyber athletes. All challenges submitted by the community developers are attributed within the range to the authors.

Contribute to the Range.

Are you a CTF challenge developer interested in helping the next generation of cybersecurity professionals?

We would love to host your content as a part of our community!